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Cashew apple

Friends are surprised to know that I have a cashew tree that bears real cashews. They are called cashew apple but in our language it is called Balubab referring to that yellow succulent fruit that is very sweet. When there is a lot of harvest, we make the cashew apple into a refreshing drink, that one drink that you couldn’t find anywhere else but in our home.

For the nuts, it’s at the bottom of the cashew apple. We collect the nuts for later processing. It can be roasted to remove the thick rind or shell before it can be eaten. Even if it is not easy to process the nuts, we still do it just for novelty. But the center of attraction for us is the cashew apple that is getting very rare here.

  • Have you tasted the cashew apple?

    • Yes
    • only the cashew nut
    • No
    • I don’t remember


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Written by Alex Socorro

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