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Candle light

Long time ago when we didn’t have power backups for our homes we lived by candle light when there was a power outage. It was time for the family to get together share some stories and have fun.

The children watched with the shadows against the walls with curiosity and fear . The younger ones always closed their eyes in fear while the older kids pretended to be courageous.

There was no distraction then, no phones, no wifi , no television to keep us far from the others. It was purely family fun. It was time to sing, play or just talk about the things that happened in our lives.  It was pure , clean fun, I wonder if families ever get together without distraction these days. I often have to remind our boys to talk to us, who are present right there instead of someone far, far away.

Remember those romantic candle light dinners when we had eyes only for each other. The barely lit tables ensured that people did not get distracted by those around them.

Candle light ensured that people focused on their thoughts while meditating or for some it their aim was to keep their thoughts away.

Then there were those scented candles that brought the fragrance of flowers into the homes. I still use scented candles as a mood lifter.

My hobby was to make hand crafted candles until my back started giving me trouble. I still have some of them at home. I still light up candles just for the fun of it.

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  1. I had a party for those kids last Christmas when I gave all the guests a candle and one lit the other’s candle before saying prayers before lunch.

    I have got scented candle gifts from friends.

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