Recession is rearing its ugly head in most of the countries of the world. Many wereon a steep free-fall, even befre the Corona-virus, my country was one of them, and the  largest capital losses were due to mismanagement, corruption and looting of the state-coffers,by Mandela’s ANC government. Now, post COVID 19, things are worse than ever. 


People in the United States and around the world are turning to the internet to do their work and stay connected with others as the COVID-19 outbreak forces people to stay home and away from the office and crowds. A median of 77% across 34 countries use the internet ony occasionally or own an internet-enabled smartphone, according to a spring 2019 Pew Research Center survey. But there are stark digital divides. Younger people, those with higher incomes and those in wealthier countries are more likely to be digital technology users. According to a survey, many people also use social media, but social media usage is not ubiquitous, even in economically advanced nations like Germany and Japan.

I have come across eight charts on digital connectivity worldwide, and the results are staggering.

In the light  of the above, there is an unprecidented clamoring for band-witdth and super efficient data processing, platforms while orders are streaming in world-wide for 5G  enabled devices  the result would be quite catastrophic,for a while, at least until the first wave of buyers taper off. This brings me to another equally vital part of the online communications network, about a U.S. company which, I am happy to say have anticipated this for a while now and have sped-up their whole web-platform stable of work-horses. If, for whatever reason, you’re interested in building a business online, their company has not only fixed some basic tools but have gone the proverbial whole 9 yards to bring every tool immaginable, under one roof Making, one-stop shopping an absolute, seamless experience and a true pleasure At every given point, ou will be needing a bevy of specialized tools for the job some of the basic ones I have included here:

* A website builder

* A web hosting company

* A sales funnel builder

* An opt-in landing page builder

* A link tracking service

* An email marketing service

* A message or chatbot service

* A webinar service

 And, you’ll soon discover, the list goes on.  

You can go ahead and acquire all these tools separately from various suppliers and I can tell you, each one will run at, at least $20 to $30 a month, and often, it’s even a lot more, like as much as two or three times that. However, you could check out this service for “free” like I’ve done and seen first hand which puts all of the above components and many more, in one place and for a crazy low price. And, listen to this, I have Personally, never even paid for my subscription, because they offer a ridiculously good affiliate program so what I’m doing is telling my leads about all these tools, exactly as I’m doing right here, namely, that while many people are paying high sums of monthly fees for setting up and servicing the above apps and tools separately, everything you will possibly need, including full training is right here in one tool and for ridiculously cheap price.  

I also tell them that I haven’t spent any money on this company because of the amazing affiliate program they run, as you can see I’m saying it here, that ever since the first month I’ve been able to pay for my subscription cost and make a hefty profit beyond it, by simply referring just a couple of people to use the platform themselves. You can check it out here for FREE

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  1. I thought you of all people had gotten the point, Doc, the operative words were “affiliate income.” and as I said, it’s working for me and I thought to share it here with some friends. It really was not a jousting tournament. Some people here on Virily REALLY need post-COVID 19 funds. Anyhow, some were pleased and have mentioned it via email. Sorry again to have bothered… 🙁

  2. oh boy you opened a can of worms there.

    What is the fastest?

    By metrics? whose metrics? did Netcraft study the solution and pronounce them the fastest? Or is it fastest in a specific category?

    Online RFP
    Online marketplace
    Online blog hosting

    data is needed…

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