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Do you like blowing bubbles? Children seem to be fascinated with blowing bubbles. I never fail to at least one child blowing bubbles in the park. Even if they are not blowing them , they run after the bubbles flying about. I love to watch them fly around too. Bubbles seem to have some kind of mystic, ephemeral, elusive, beauty about them.

The, ‘You can see it but you can’t hold’ quality of these bubbles make them even more attractive to the human mind. Somehow even as adults we seem to be attracted to the things we could never posses. Some people even seem to waste their lives over those things they can never get.

I believe it is important to enjoy what you have. Make it a point to love what you have instead of pining over what you don’t. Whether it is a job or a person, life would be better if we learn to love and make the best of what we have.

  • Do you think it is important to enjoy what you have?

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  • Do you think hankering after things that can never be yours could kill the joy in your life?

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  1. I always try to have the things I want. Though, I make sure that while trying to reach those, I don’t hurt or deprive others of their right and freedom. If after trying, I know I can’t have it, I would be happy with the thought that at least I tried. And I will keep on trying.

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