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Black and White Friday – safest place

Now we have so many lessons everywhere how to get out of the comfort zone. Well, this means to get over yourself and to be able to do a bit more than you used to. It is unfortunate if in our childhood we were not taught to do that, and if so, we have to learn now.

I think, we should start from such a lesson, otherwise, all life we will climb over the others, but not over ourselves.

Yes, it is so comfortable to sit in our cozy nest. From where then come all nerves and tension when you need somewhere to go on vacation or leave home for another reason.

Do not laugh, I know people who are suffering panic if need to leave home. They fear everything that is outside their safest place – home. They simply are afraid to face the unknown, thinking about what can happen, and of course, think about the worst.

Home is the safest place and many people want to hide from the whole world inside its walls. Even if the walls of that home are painted in black and white only…

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