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Birds prefer statues to do their 'thing'

No matter which part of the world it is birds have an ‘affinity’ to perch on top of statues and merrily go about their job and in minutes one will find their droppings all over the place. 

Here in this photo it is the pigeon who has been messing up our statue in our garden.  We have just painted this statue and it will not stay that way for long.  We spray it with water every single day.

What I have noticed is it is the pigeons who top the list of birds who are frequently seen on this statue. 

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  1. Birds seem to choose the statues they prefer. I saw it in Latvia. There was a park with a large statue of a Latvian national poet. It always had birds on it while other statues might have one or two but not all the time. They enjoyed that large statue so much.

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