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'Bird in flight is worth two in a bush'

This is what a photographer would say – A  bird in flight is worth two in a bush’  After several attempts I captured this bird in flight.

That is the image of a kite.  It has a gentle sweep but its nature is not as gentle as its sweep  They look around and wait to grab baby birds. I have seen them grab chickens from off the ground.  I remember when a chicken fell off its beak and we took care of that chicken. It could not eat on its own as it had a broken beak. 

  • Have you clicked birds in flight?


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  1. This is a very difficult picture. I took pictures of birds in flight. But in order to get a good quality shot, a special lens must be available and the camera must be in the “Fast Moving Objects” option. I have older bird publications on the fly. Congratulations on this photo.


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