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This phenomenon is really not so unique since all beaches contain a multitude of these microscopic luminous creatures at waterlines, deliver similar phosphorescent displays at night, but few are as spectacular as those of the Maldives. 


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    • It is both beautiful and sad for me, as, currently, there is a very real danger that changes in levels of emissions cannot save the islands from disappearing. Combining past emission levels, there will be a 3°C rise in the world’s temperature which is enough to sink the islands. … The majority of Maldives islands are less than one or two meters above sea level even now.

    • They are divine, there was a film about this, I forget the title. While they are sinking for sure, they are not doing so as fast as Jakarta which is the capital of Indonesia and has the unenviable privilege of being the fastest sinking city in the world. Forty percent of the city currently lies below sea level, and it’s sinking at an alarming rate of 10 inches per year. Funny, how so many people are in denial about the weather changes, while not even 1 person will remain unaffected by it. Thanks for reading.

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