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Big trees in our village

When we were prospecting for a house to buy upon being granted a housing loan in the office, our target was the villages in the suburbs. We were looking there because that was what we could afford with the budget. Fortunately, we didn’t find any good house to buy in the first village because of the small lot that has no space for the garage. We shifted to the nearby villages and our best bet was this village that we are residing in now.

We liked this village for the big trees everywhere and we were lucky to find many prospeccts. After several failed negotiations, we finally found a good one with a bigger lot. The owner has no qualms when we offered a lower price than her asking price. After 2 months of working on the papers, we found ourselves the proud owner of a 20-year old house. Not bad. The village in this suburban town is great for a nature lover.

  • Do you have trees in your area?


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Written by Alex Socorro

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