Bibique (Bibinc)

Bibique or Bibinic is a Goan dessert specially made during Christmas time. It is difficult to make.  The main ingredients are coconut milk,flour,  eggs, sugar,ghee, essences and most important of all the  ingredients is PATIENCE.

It is a seven layered pudding done with great patience. A batter  is prepared with coconut juice, eggs, flour, sugar and each layer is baked placing one over the other.  The first layer takes about 15 minutes, the next layer follows until the seven layers are completed. 

This pudding is incomparable with any other.  It stays for days and adds sweetness to Christmas.

Here is the detailed recipe

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  1. I am Jewish and we have Hannuka and we have potato pancakes and jelly donuts for our holiday of Hannuka. I wasn’t sure at first when I saw it what it was. I thought maybe a cake. It looks like it takes a long time to make. I am glad you enjoy it.

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