Belarus Premier League Week 4 Monday match

Week 4 of the Belarus Premier League ends tonight with a match with Ruh Brest travelling to take on FC Slavia Mozyr at the Stadyen Junatsva.  With how the table looks right now, both teams have a wonderful opportunity to make major moves in the standings.

If Slavia wins, then they could possibly move up to third place.  If Ruh Brest wins, then they can jump back into contention in the Belarus Premier League; they could move all the way from 13th place to sixth place and pass Slavia in the standings.  Nevertheless, this mediocre league is about the best option that we have right now as sports fans.  It’s this or soccer in Nicaragua or Tajikistan.

  • Slavia or Ruh Brest?

    • 1Slavia
    • 2Ruh Brest


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