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Baking the easiest way

If find the proverbial pudding as the easiest to bake in the oven. Just the leftover bread for the main ingredient, have some raisins for the flavoring and have condensed milk and eggs for the base of the mixture plus the sugar. That simple for the required ingredients and all is needed is to mix it thoroughly before placing in the oven for the baking.

When the cassava cake became popular, it doesn’t make sense to call it cake because it is actually a pudding. And to prove my theory, I grated the cassava and mixed it with the condensed milk and sugar. No eggs this time and instead coconut milk was added. In lieu of the raisins, young coconut is the best. Mix and mix the bake it for 2 hours in the oven. It was one easy way to bake and the pudding is it.

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Written by Alex Socorro

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