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Are you really resting?

Many people think that texting via Facebook, or talking about work is also a way to rest. But the fact is that resting only takes place when you completely stop thinking.

We can listen to music or meditate is also effective ways, to let the brain really relax and not be weighed down by pressure.

The scientific way of resting is to relieve yourself of strength afterwards, to strengthen your judgment and analysis. In daily life, it seems that resting is no longer considered necessary. You should know how hard it is for people to be good to maintain their best state for a long time. Therefore, when working, do your best, when you have to rest, you must take a break completely.

Going back to history, when humans have not yet evolved completely, our ancestors had to live mainly on hunting and gathering, most of the time were eating, playing, sun-drying, and so on. Cultivation, people know how to make use of the land to feed themselves, but this time the plant source is still exhausted, so they have to work more.

Since the European industrial revolution so far, material resources have been increasing. But perhaps on earth, only humans are the only animals that work non-stop.

It seems that we have been pushed too far, hurriedly greeted each other, hurriedly walked away, hurried to eat, hastily worked.

But, there has not been a moment when humans have stopped their steps, heard the heartbeat, respecting their own feelings.

  • Because our lives are always busy with work, do you often take the time to rest?

    • Yes
    • No


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