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Alphabet Challenge G is for Geoengineering

The first time I heard the term Geoengineering was a few years  ago when I was at an outdoor Farmer’s Market. Out of nowhere a group of about a dozen or so appeared with placards such as the one in the photo. Not sure what it was all about I inquired and was told they were protesting against the deliberate attempts to modify the weather.

Geoengineering – What is it?

Geoengineering is also referred to as Climate Engineering or Climate Intervention on a large scale. It advocates the deliberate intervention in the climate system in order to slow down the harmful effects of Global warming.

How is it achieved?

Climate intervention involves the removal of greenhouse gasses, earth radiation management  and the management of solar radiation.

Geoengineering is controversial in that some feel it relies too heavily on fixing environmental damage rather than on prevention. In addition, small scale experiments have so far proven to be less than effective. You can read more about this subject by clicking the link below.


  • Do you think that climate intervention if implemented on a large scale could be —

    • Harmful
    • Helpful
    • Neither


What do you think?

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  1. I am against any form of human intervention on nature. It happens already through our normal actions though the main objective is not to tamper with nature. If the main objective itself is to change nature, that is disastrous.

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