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About Those Pesky "Vans" And "Skechers!" Shoe Brands, Stop Already, Even Beyonce's Off The Wall with them.

I can buy my wife any shoe under the sun, as long s it’s a “Vans” or at the very least, price wise, the Sketchers brand. These two brands are not actually her favorite shoe brands, they are her ONLY brands! Off course, they don’t only make them in sneakers!

 Please don’t get her started by asking her this three letter word, WHY? She will sigh, or more accurately, in the present setting, ie. (the covid 19, 8 weeks long lock-down), let loose an inappropriate power word, followed by an “eye-roll”. “Don’t you even listen?“and “This has got to be the 400th time I’ve explained it to you!” So, one more time, they’re indescribably comfy canvas shoes that come in an array of styles, types, and colors that appeal to a wide range of women.’ 

The shoe brands are rival global companies that have been around since 1960s, Vans using the tagline “Off the Wall” as an ode to their first core audience: skateboarders.(lol)

 And, Skechers, do you remember, last fall when I hinted, “Go like Skechers Andre,” you were lagging way behind everyone else in the line at the cook-out, You let loose with a loud, attention grabbing yell of Skechers taglineGo Like Never Before!  

I still don’t get it, what the  heck is so special about Vans or Skechers? They’re just canvas,”Sneakers afterall.” for heaven’s sakes!”

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