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A seminar can be boring

A seminar is a session where you sit for a long period to listen and to watch whatever visual aids there is. Some people avoid seminars because they get sleepy. Admittedly, a seminar can be boring when it is not interesting or when the presenter or lecturer is not articulate. It is like attending the holy mass in a Catholic church and the priest is monotonous in his homily.

For a seminar to be interesting, it should be injected with interesting innovations. A creative approach to the subject would surely enhance the session that participants will be active. First is the hands on. When the participants have a time for participating then that is the essence for learning. Different visual aids are also a good approach – videos drawing, pictures, charts, etc. And lastly, the speaker should know humor. With humor, the seminar will never be boring.

  • Do you feel sleepy in a seminar?

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Written by Alex Socorro

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