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A Rare Talk With My Son

It was moving day for my son and his new bride. I was driving my truck to their new apartment, with a load of furniture, when a rear tire blew out on the highway and my neighbor Bill, had forgotten to return my hydraulic jack. I pulled off into an empty parking lot of a small supermarket. My son joined me, and as we waited for Bill to bring me my jack, we sat there laughing about our predicament, and sharing our lives, while discussing their future plans. 

What might have been a bad day turned into a very special and a never to be repeated private moment spent with my son? As we spoke, I somehow knew even back then, to cherish our time alone. His marriage lasted only a few months when his wife had an affair with a stranger. They tried to make it work, but it ended with him leaving for England and her remaining in South-Africa.

 I saw him once during a visit to South-Africa 9 years back and never again. He just phoned about 6 years ago, to say he was happy but was breaking ties with all of us and we have not heard from him since. We have exhausted all means of finding him. If someone wants to disappear in the world it is highly possible to do so and avoid detection.

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