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A Light And Shadow Show

The shadow of the clematis alba vine on the baby pink leaf of the caladium was something that caught my eye a few days ago. Even though the picture doesn’t do full justice to what I saw I decide to post this picture here.

The caladiums have started to wake up from their long winter sleep. The huge leaves come out first then the smaller leaves. Together they put on a pretty show until December. However, I love the light and shadow show these two plants put up each morning as they catch the morning light.

The shimmering wing of damselfly or dragon fly in the sun, the refection of light in the water as it moves, the droplets of dew or rain water on leaves and flowers, light and shadows in the garden all these cast a magical spell.

So much happens around us in fleeting moments of greatness all the time.  Do we even notice them and appreciate the beauty of them all?

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  1. I was now able to see the red sunset. It was for a while as I tossed out the garbage. I was glad as a little kid to enjoy candy. In order not to have a problem with the police, I took a picture with my phone and got home.

  2. i wonder sometimes about my own ability to see details. I find myself noticing things as though the first time I had seen them, and then realizing I had passed the thing 100 times before.

    The detail is the friend of complacency.

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