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A Great Gesture

The relations between India and Pakistan have been strained for over seventy years. The biggest problem between the two countries is Kashmir, which has also had three wars. In the general conversation, the citizens of India declare Pakistan as the enemy country while the citizens of Pakistan declare India as the enemy country.

Under such circumstances, a few cricketers from Pakistan and an Indian taxi driver set a fine example of human friendship. A few Pakistani cricketers in Brisbane went to a restaurant in a taxi. The taxi driver was Indian. He recognized the players and refused to take any rent. Despite the players’ insistence that the driver was not ready to take rent. Finally the players invited him on dinner, which the driver gladly accepted. This is a post-dinner photo that is widely praised on social media.

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    Do you agree that players and artists are the best ambassadors for their countries.?

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    Did you like this act of Pakistani players.?

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Written by SRShah


  1. Both countries should have figured out Kashmir by now. It’s already being shared by both countries. The ones that do not living on the Pakistani side should be allowed to move to the India side of Kashmir and vice versa. The problem is then solved.

  2. Pakistan and India share a long history and culture, so they should have good relations between the two countries. It is not beneficial to either of them to have wars. These people are setting a good example that everyone else should follow.