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4 habits to improve your finances

Saving habits should not be changed even when there is more income and the unemployment rate is lower. We must continue to save to face the financial burden of the present and make some dreams come true in the future.

Four financial tips to do today that bring results in the future:

1- Have an emergency fund for unexpected situations – Whenever the subject is financial stability, the emergency fund is essential. It is advisable that this fund has at least six months of expenditure. An emergency fund gives you more financial stability and, at the same time, peace of mind.

2- Pay yourself first – The vast majority of people do not have a form of automatic savings. If you wait until the end of the month to see what’s left of your salary, there may be no money left for savings. Or, give in to the temptation to spend it on something that will not bring you happiness in the future.A solution to avoid these situations could be to automatically transfer 10% of your monthly income or more (depending on your income), so that you “do not see” that money and cannot spend it.This way, you will set aside a significant amount to later invest in one of your short or long term goals.

3- Living within your means – When it comes to your financial future, buying products just to follow market trends only makes your long-term goals more complicated.If you want something that you really like, that you would see used daily, it may be a good option. But remember: you should do this only after reaching your goals and resolving your financial issues.

4- Invest in your financial literacy to maximize earnings – More than having a good salary and saving as much as possible, you need to monetize your money if you want to achieve financial freedom. Knowing different financial products, investigating their risks and returns, how to enjoy certain tax benefits, among other matters, are essential to optimize your earnings and reduce your expenses.

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  1. I never knew how to work with money and had no special respect for money … well I earned well that I never had to save and there was always something left at the end of the month


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