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33 thousand years old murder case solved

New York: Scientists resolved a murder case 33,000 years old, The researchers said the killer hit two time on the head of the victim with the left hand causing his death.

It is told in a research on this case in Germany University, that a wooden rod used for this murder. The University Senior researcher Catherina Harwathi said, we still could not reach the exact reason of this murder and Only assumptions can be established in this regard.

This skull was discovered in south transylvania Romania in 1941 by some worker in a phosphate range. and along with that, the remains of 33,000 years ago, some stones and scorpion were found.

The archaeologists had figured out that this skull belong to an adult male, however, there was always a difference in opinion of  researchers on whether the marks on it were before or after that the skull was damaged and now they also resolved this issue.

Harwathi and his team have reached this conclusion after long-term research and experiments, that this person was killed in two consecutive attack of wooden rod and the killer used a left arm in this murder.

Researchers revealed that both the murderers and the killers stood face to face that’s why zombies are on the right side of the skull.

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