2019 FBC Mortgage Cure Bowl

The Liberty Flames (7-5) will take on the Georgia Southern Eagles (7-5) in the FBC Mortgage Cure Bowl at the Orlando City Stadium in Orlando, FL.  If you were wondering, FBC Mortgage is a lending company in Orlando.  Who knew that mortgages needed a cure?  The cure for me would be if someone else bought me a house.

Liberty improved their passing game this season with the arrival of new head coach Hugh Freeze.  The former Ole Miss head coach gained some more notoriety by coaching a game earlier this season from his hospital bed.  He was suffering from a staph infection.  Are you wondering where he may have obtained that staph infection?  It’s probably connected to why he resigned from Ole Miss.

The Eagles run the triple option attack, so you know that they garner most of their yards rushing the ball.  Fortunately, Georgia Southern QB Shai Werts will be playing in this game because he was falsely accused of selling cocaine by police in Georgia this past summer.  The substance actually turned out to be bird poop.  

Nevertheless, the different offensive styles and the weird background stories will make this bowl enjoyable to watch on Saturday.

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    Who will win?

    • Liberty
    • Georgia Southern
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