The world’s rarest foods! From a delicacy harvested from a 100-year-old creature to a cheese that moves around in your mouth. A sliver of raw fish that can kill you instantly to the Densuke Watermelon, Generally speaking, if a watermelon is black, it’s about time to throw that bad boy away. But, in the strange case of Densuke watermelons, the black color is just another thing that makes it so rare. These fruits only grow in Hokkaido, Japan, and the first noticeable thing about them is their deep, nearly black hue.

 Most watermelons are bright green with darker green stripes on the rind, but these are the black diamonds of the fruit world. Densuke watermelons are eye-catching, but the real treat lies within the fruit’s flesh. They’re known to be much sweeter than normal watermelons and have a crunchier texture. One of these prize melons could be yours, but be prepared to dish out the big bucks. Individual Densukes is worth about 250 USD a piece, but the highest quality watermelons are sold for up to 6,000 USD under the right circumstances.

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  1. i have had lionfish while in Japan, that is the most expensive food I’ve ever eaten. It was good but not worth what the host paid for it.

    this is interesting. Caviar is the one I find intriguing. i realize I am not their primary market, but cheap caviar and expensive caviar taste the same to me.

    • As an avid fisherman, skin diver, having grown up 500 meters from the sea in Durban, I ate many weird marine creatures, some pretty vile and some very palatable. My favorite pastime on weekends was to pack a backpack grabbing my speargun and rod, a box of matches, and heading off to the beach. I would explore every nook and cranny of the shoreline and only head back home on Sunday morning, those were the best days of my young life.


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