Pizho and Penda 2 (2/4)

Written by ellie925


  1. My Serbian husband has some similar looking “dolls,” but they aren’t made of yarn, and he doesn’t associate them with any holiday. They are small and in traditional dress. He left Serbia when he was eleven so he doesn’t’ remember all the names of the seasonal festivals they celebrated. Since he was mostly there during the years of WW2 and German occupation, not a lot of celebrating went on. The only thing he still celebrated when he came here was Slava.

    • Yes, folk costumes can be similar, especially in areas near the border. By a costume you can determine where the person is from, what’s their social and marital status, etc. Unfortunately, I don’t know much about them and sadly, this tradition is dying.
      Slava is an interesting holiday, I think it’s typically Serbian. Here the days of the saints are celebrated a little bit differently.