Paisley, Oregon (2/2)

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This image isn’t too far away from the last picture, but this is of the town of Paisley. Paisley is a town that is about the size of the one I currently live in. It began as a lumber town since there are heavily forested mountains just out of the picture to the bottom left. The mill no longer functions, but agriculture still brings in enough money for families to survive.

One of the crop circles can be seen north of town. Judging from the shade of green, my guess would be that it is an alfalfa field. The area around town and stretching to the west and south appears a little greener because this is lowland that is fed by the Chewaucan River. That is pronounced “she-waa-CAN” and it is the snake-like line that stretches from the lower left through town.

If I complained about our ~90-degree weather, people in Paisley would laugh. Each summer, temperatures top 110 F and they feel fortunate if the nighttime temperatures drop as low as 90. They are good, friendly, hard-working people, though, and this place has the definite feeling of a small country town.

My mother and father both went to high school in Paisley and I’ve spent countless hours flyfishing the Chewaucan. 


Written by Rex Trulove

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