Cain Before Ho’s (1/3)

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During the last episode of Lucifer, Cain looks for Maze, who is about to leave town. Leaving your demons behind has never been more difficult where Cain is concerned. Looks like Maze won’t get her chance to do a disappearing act, in the hopes of disappointing Lucifer into caring for her the way that she cares for him. Cain’s only wish is to die. Maze wants love. She knows Amenediel no longer cares, but what she didn’t know was that Lucifer never cared. By the end of Season 3, who will get their wish? Will Cain be killed by Lucifer? Will Maze help Cain kill Chloe?

I suspect this is what Maze will do.

Written by Maria Ayala


  1. I hope that Maze won’t hurt Chloe. She lived with her. And I guess that there is some kind of emotion between Chloe and Cain. Maybe I am too naive. 🙂