Astronaut? (5/8)

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Written by Kim_Johnson

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    • lol, my grandson said that when I asked him this the other day. He said, “I wanted to be an astronaut until I saw that rocket blow up.” now its either vet or scientist. Much safer. lol He’s eight years old now. Pretty deep thoughts for a young guy.

      • You must consider your grandchild as my representative to look after you there, grandma.
        For me, that ideal failed when in high school my science learning achievements were only average. You know, I rarely go to class because I hang out more than school.

        • Well thank you Albert! He does a good job of it too! So sad, dashed hopes of a young man. Those were the times right? I also was like that. You could find my out back smoking a cigarette with the other heads! The 70’s rocked!


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