Wander project Thanksgiving 2008

For those of you following along, I am running about 2 hours late today; I had to start our Thanksgiving festival by making the stuffing starting the turkey. The Turkey, based on the projected attendees today, is too large for the pan, so it took a few moments to figure out how to solve the problem. We also found out yesterday that half the people we thought were coming weren’t coming. I guess that is the way of holidays.

I found some misplaced/improperly labeled Thanksgiving pictures of the past. As mentioned yesterday the 2006 folder had Halloween and Thanksgiving (as well as my daughters birthday). I separated the three different events into their proper folders. Eventually, I will get the family history pictures organized. I still have more than 30,000 scans to go through. Most of those can’t be shared here on Virily (the is an eight meg picture limit, and most of the slide scans are between 15 and 25 meg in size).

The images shared today are of my father and mother’s dog Nelson (as well as a few of the boys). Nelson, a Scotty was the puppy my parents added as their two Westhighland Terriers got older. Nelson was an interesting dog. He loved to look out the windows in my father’s home office (later just my father’s office, he gave up his office at Indiana University shortly after returning). The images of the boys are also from my father’s office. Funny to see them as they age in images!


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