Wander project Shanghai China, 2!

I landed in Shanghai on a Friday afternoon (you need a couple of days to deal with Jet Lag) and then left on a Sunday morning the following week. In the little over a week we were there, we wandered the city. The first weekend we wandered quite a bit doing the more touristy things. We also wandered quite a bit on the last Saturday as I mentioned yesterday. That was more a mad rush to get things for our families.

The smog is something you don’t forget. It made breathing difficult and in some of the pictures you can clearly see the smog. That isn’t fog, it is smog. It isn’t construction dust either. You see that in some parts of Shanghai where people are building rapidly. The smog comes from the cars, and motor bikes that roam the city.

We had a wonderful customer that week, who took us to the different types of Chinese food places around where their office was. Each day we had a different style of Chinese food. I had the best Lamb and Noodles stew I have ever had in my life that week!


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Written by DocAndersen

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