Wander project my Wacky Wednesday Submission (a day late)

I do not often participate in Challenges. Over my time here on Virily I have joined a few. I incorporated Ellie’s Happy List challenge into the wander a long time ago (I’ve listed my favorite hotels, my favorite cities and many different lists of things that make me happy). While it isn’t Wednesday I am going to loosely join Carol’s Wacky Wednesday Challenge. I say loosely because I am putting into my wander project, but also I am not complexly sure of the overall rules. This post may not be something that fits exactly. So here goes with my first Wacky Wednesday picture ensemble as part of the wander project. I will incorporate Ellie’s happy list format to detail the four shared pictures.

Every day was Kung Fu fighting – a great song I may have to include that in my Song Saturday roration. This comes from the Wadding of the Century. Well, it was our family’s Wadding of the Century, other than my nieces’ Wadding of the year before.(Wadding comes from the movie “Father of the Bride she is starring Steve Martin).

The second picture is of a sign. I am horrible about taking pictures of signs. I know it.

The third picture is of a shirt. Not wacky by any means, except it has a wacky story. That was the favorite shirt. If it could have been worn seven days a week it would have been. As it was, it was worn very, very often. Washed frequently and placed lovingly back into the rotation of clothes. In our house, clothes sometimes have unfortunate accidents when the person doing the laundry doesn’t like clothes.

The last is the best a wacky face. What makes you think that a face that was oft displayed. This face was used well into the early teen years. Mostly, later on, directed at parents. But early during the facial formation period of childhood, this face was directed at everyone!

Hopefully, I am close to the intent of Wacky Wednesday. I will modify my submission next week if I am off by a bit!


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