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Wander project Lake Wasatch Continued…

We, the entire family, spent a weekend at Wasatch Lake. We rented three cabins. Well, my parents rented three cabins. We just stayed in the cabins. The tradition of spending a long weekend or week together began many years before this trip. When the kids were little, we would rent a houseboat and head out onto Patoka Resouviour.  With the addition of the boys, we no longer did the houseboat thing.

So trying the cabins at Lake Wasatch was the next experiment.  The cabins were nice, reminded me of the Doctor owned cabins we stayed in many years before in Pattaya Thailand. Or the cabins my grandfather and great-grandfather had built in Wisconsin. Behind the main house on Lake Ripley, my grandfather and great-grandfather had built three cabins. My great-grandfather and grandfather than built two houses one on top of the hill and one at the base of the hill.

It was fall, and the air was cool. There were fireplaces and outdoor fire pits and of course the boats. There was water, which I believe was a mandatory part of any vacation. I don’t recall many vacations taken that didn’t involve water of some form.

Our weekend was a fun experience, cooking, hanging out, boating and just wandering. It is funny now, as I look back on vacations from long ago, how small the kids were. All of them are tall now, adults now. But then they were all small. It seems funny now looking back to remember them as little children; they aren’t now. But it does bring a smile to my face to remember the evolution of children into adults.


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