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There are many things that I have talked about over the years. One thing I haven’t talked about in the early days of the girlfriend, finance, relationship with the person that is now my wife. Both of us had been married before, and both had ended those marriages in Divorce. Our relationship started with long walks that we still do to this day. But the thing that brought us together was the dreams. Both of us were trying to move forward with our lives. We spent hours on walks talking about moments and dreams. We got on our bikes, stopped at Boxman’s Chicken, and headed down to the YMCA sports fields and watched soccer, baseball, and other sporting events with kids running around.

We wanted to build a life together, a partnership. Not always an easy process. Sometimes when you choose to share your life with someone else, you run into the many bumps and bruises. You find your path blocked by many things. But if you work together, things move forward. Things become part of the process, and you build on that. There was a bakery in Bloomington Indiana called the Red Chair bakery. They had the best Chocolate Chip cookies. We would walk from my house on 6th street or her house then on Madison to the bakery. Roughly 2 miles one way to the bakery. We would get cookies and continue walking towards campus (Indiana University) and talk.

Those conversations built a partnership, something both of us hadn’t had before, and both wanted. It is funny now looking back because a good chocolate chip cookie will take us both back to those early days. Fried chicken, Boxman’s was originally a Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise but became simply boxmen will also send us back. When we were first together with my then, France worked at a restaurant in Bloomington, Indiana called the Trojan Horse. It has been now almost 30 years since we moved away from Bloomington, Indiana. But the first thing we do when we hit the town, is going to the Trojan Horse. It, the Horse, is an iconic component of the life we have now, and the memories that bring it all together.

One happy day – a tribute to my wife!

we walked from the tower to the arc. Doesn't feel like a great distance right?

the base of life on earth!


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One fan, One team and a long time dream Go Cubs!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. There are many beautiful cities around the world. But only Paris is called in the whole world – the city of love. Enjoy this love and love together for another 50 years. And more often than not, eat those magic chocolate chip cookies.


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