Wander project in the memories I cherish

I won an award at work, and part of the reward was getting sent to Hawaii. That was fine because they also said my wife was paid for as well. We stayed don the island of Lanai. I’ve shared pictures and conversations, memories, and flowers before. But this time, I wanted to share a slightly different memory. One evening we took the ferry over to Oahu. The challenge this week with all the ferry pictures reminded me of this. We took the boat over, and it was not a car ferry, just a human ferry from Lanai to Oahu. You cross for all purposes open Ocean water between the islands although, the islands do tend to reduce the overall wave size. That evening we walked around a small city on the far side of Oahu from Honolulu.

The memory I have. However, that comes to mind is the two of us having dinner on top of a restaurant. We were one of the first tables, so we got to sit right by the edge. We were looking out over the water. We enjoyed a nice meal, a pleasant conversation, and the setting sun. Then in the darkness, rode back to Lanai and via bus back to our hotel. I remember watching the sunset that night. In the water off the shore was a cruise ship. You can see the light of the cruise ship in the darkness of the last picture. The end game here today is thinking about yesterday. Not yesterday in the sense of Friday the last day of work for a week. But yesterday, we were stretching back into time.

Starting in 1992, we took vacations with kids. There were a few times (Paris, Hawaii, Mexico City) when my folks took the kids for five days, and we were able to travel overseas. But for the most part, we went with kids. I love my kids. They are amazing human beings. But my kids are my kids. My wife is someone that I choose to spend my life with. Sometimes when I wander back, I walk to those times we got to be us. We would sometimes take a long weekend and go down to French Lick, Indiana. Or sometimes we would get a sitter (hard to find a sitter that could handle twins until our daughter was old enough and then we could more often). Those are the memories that come to me when I am pausing to think!


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