Wander project how far can you Chunk a Punkin?

Weekends are for slowing down. My wife and I like to either go boating or do something on the weekends. One October Saturday, we were thinking bout making an orchard run. Orachars are something we always do in the fall. Apples and the other excellent stuff that you can get an orchard makes both of us happy. So we wandered over to the farm just over the county line in Frederick County. When we got there, the parking lot was full, and we had to park in the overflow lot. There was a line of people (back in the days when you could be in a proximity line), and my wife wanted to see what they were waiting for; after all, the goal was relax.

So we walked around the building, and there was the pumpkin chunker. A pumpkin chunker takes a pumpkin and launches it into the air. The goal is to hit the target. If you hit the target, you get 500 dollars from the orchard. I asked they have given it away every year (the 500 bucks) for several years. All the money collected is given to charities. So, we launched a pumpkin. We missed the target, but the moment was fun! The second picture is of Thanksgiving dinner after the turkey had been carved. It was more a picture today as a filler rather than a story. I have to say one of my favorite Thanksgiving stories has to do with a turkey. For many years, I have been the family cook for significant holiday events.

My wife decided our first year in Maryland that she was going to make Thanksgiving dinner. I, of course, said yes. I reminded her that she would have to get up at 6 am to get the bird into the oven so it would be ready for a 1 pm dinner. I assumed (incorrectly) that I wasn’t going to have to get up. I was going to get to sleep in and relax on Thanksgiving day. Something I hadn’t done in more than I can remember. Except for that morning, my wife gently shook my shoulder and looked at me. I said, “your cooking, I am sleeping.” My wife smiled that sad smile that tells me both that I was wrong, and that she was going to ask something. She replied, “so who is making my coffee.”

I got up and made the coffee.


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