Wander project Greenwood and the backyard…

Early digital cameras struggled with low light. As the cameras improved, one of the first things was low light images. In the woods behind the kid’s play yard, in the area between our yard and the incline that the railroad was built on, there were trees. Most of the trees on the incline were immature. How do I know that they were wisecracking trees that threw rocks and well behaved in the manner of the immature? BY immature in this case, I meant young. When the Railroad was cut through the section of Indiana then just a series of farms they built a berm to make it easier to allow roads for horses and carriages to pass under.

As time changed the railroad simply became something that was built around. But nature filled the hole left by cutting through the forest to clear the land for the railroad by having new trees grow. The young trees and bushes were home to many birds. My personal favorite the Cardinals. I love their red color in the winter. I do not like the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team much, but that is a different problem. They are the arch-rival of the team I root for, the Chicago Cubs!

The backyard was a feature we often used in the house in Greenwood. Now, the backyard is the domain of the dogs in Maryland, but then the backyard was where we were most of the summer. There are many pictures of the animals that shared that yard with us. Some not very happily, not wishing human interlopers in their space. Some, however, such as the Blue Herons that fished the pond or the Cardinals and their dots of red in the trees between our yard and the railroad tracks, was at least oblivious to us.


What do you think?

Written by DocAndersen

One fan, One team and a long time dream Go Cubs!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Well, coach, however, though the light is a bit lacking, the view is amazingly fun! I love to see the poetic branches of the young trees and bushes were home to many birds! And the cardinal, that red bird is fascinating.