Wander project the Dells (part 5) Lots of pictures

As we continue our underwater and above the water expedition to the amusement park in Wisconsin Dells I am reminded of the trips I remember taking to the Dells many years ago. The place, the park, and the city were vastly different in 2010 than they were in the 1960’s when I first remember going. The town, back in the 1960’s was just beginning to be tourist first. The boat tours were in place then, but the city overall was small.

There was one primary amusement park then; I remember going. There was also a boardwalk then, as there is today. Not the boardwalk of NYC, with theaters and plays. Rather the boardwalk of Atlantic City, a place for businesses to be seen and to sell to people. My fondest memory of the Dells as a child was walking to the fudge shop with my mother. I don’t know why that memory sticks with me all these years later, but it is one of those special happy moments from childhood.

The evolution of the Dells was something I understood before I arrived. I asked my dad how he felt about it, being back in the Dells. We, as the family hadn’t been back for many years by the time, we returned for the family reunion. It had to be hard for him, although in fairness, he never answered the question. My father kept feelings close to his vest for the most part. Well at least with his children he did. My mother may know differently.


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