Flourished flowers in my garden

My most favorite garden flower is the velvet (tagetes).

Few people know about some of the valuable qualities of this plant. For example, in flowers of all known types of flowers of marigolds there is a substance quartzetagetin, which is absolutely harmless to humans. It is used to tint dough, jelly, jelly, liqueurs, butter and other food products, giving them a golden-sunny color.

All plants of flowers of marigolds have the strongest insecticidal properties. Most of all, small-colored species of marigolds stand out in this respect. Bunches of their grass and inflorescences can be hung in a garden house to scare off flies and other insects. Now they began to resort to help from the marigolds, when it is necessary to protect vegetable beds from such known pests as aphids, cabbage, nematodes, parasites on strawberries and potatoes. To do this, flowers are planted among growing tomatoes, cabbage and other vegetable crops, they frame the beds, and sometimes whole sites.

Have you paid attention to how marvelous flowers the marigolds smell? Their characteristic strong bitterish flavor resembles the smell of wormwood. Essential oils of some species of marigolds serve as initial raw materials for the compilation of the newest perfume compositions, these oils are also used in soap making, they are used in cooking for making eastern sweets.


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Written by Olga N