wander project Christmas 2002

Fluffy and filler, snow covers everything. We did not have many white Christmas’ in Indiana. 2002 is the only year I remember. But Christmas started early. The kids were ready to go at 5 am. Bleary-eyed, I would stumble to the kitchen and make coffee. Then take a cup to my wife. The kids would wait on the stairs. The dogs didn’t wait, and they were checking out the presents. Gwen did much care for ht noise. She would watch form a distance. Fran just got in the middle of the kids and helped open presents. She learned the first year she was with us, that there was often food in the stockings! So if you are careful, food spills. Labs love it when food it’s the floor.

It is a 50/50 chance then that they will get the food! It was dark and cold that Christmas of 2002. But as I said, the kids were raring to go. We would open the presents that Santa left for the kids and then head down to Bloomington to my parent’s house. We would call the in-laws in Florida (my wife’s brother and her parents back then) when we got home from Bloomington. We would usually head down around 10 am, and have lunch and relax heading back home around 5 pm. 12 hours is a long day with the din of happy kids. Funny how the noise is the thing that gets to you at the end of a day like that. This is the first year that I remember taking the stairs picture.

I think e took it once as well in Cincinnati but I cannot find those pictures. They are lost in an organized folder. Because there isn’t a way now to search that folder sI will have to find them by happenstance. So far not much luck in finding them. We would open the presents and then I would make breakfast while my wife clutched her coffee cup. Funny how coffee becomes the best adult part of Christmas. Other than the sheer joy of watching smile. Smiling because they got something they wanted. Christmas around 2002 was the first of the bicycles. Bioncles are a lego creation that had to be put together. In 2002 I had to put the toys together (with my wife). After opening, there was still work to be done!


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