Wander project chasing sand between our toes

To wax poetically or perhaps for a moment to let’s think about the things that once we’re away from the pictures share today. The images the sunset near the beach at Oak Island North Carolina are from the past. All the pictures I share are from the past. Real-time pictures, real moments captured on film, or digital, or even video on moments of the history. In that conversation, the past, we perceive that see things that are there or that more appropriately were there. So let’s wonder for a moment close our eyes and imagine the sand between our toes. The gentle waves are rolling in—the sun sinking to the horizon. Let’s drift away; let’s find the peaceful middle ground.

Let go of the air around you, breathe in the smell of the ocean. Let the now slip away and become the horizon. For a moment, be one with the sun as it settles into the water. The water rising and falling, feel the rhythm of the beach. That is the goal and the model we all seek. Could we, for a moment, just a second become one with the beach? Let us explore the feeling of the sand between our toes. That is the beach. That is what we seek—the feel of warm sand as we arrive. Taking shoes into our hands, we carry them to the water and then leave footprints.

 At the water’s edge, footprints last a second, sometimes two. The wave is gently redirecting the sand, redirecting the impact of humans on the beach. We are, no more than the hermit crab that scurring to the beach, has its footprints disappear as well as we rush towards the moment when the sun and the water meet. It is not the darkness that we seek. We seek the pinks of the merger—the grand moment when the water, the sun, and the sky are all poised to stay forever. Then the sun, its tenuous grasp lost, sinks below the horizon and leaves wondering, until the next day. Will the sun return?

my nephew, pondering why his uncle keeps taking people's pictures


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Written by DocAndersen

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