Wander project Bangkok Thailand!

In January 2005 I was finishing up my project in Kuala Lumpur, my dad and mom were in Thailand. My mother invited me to stop by Bangkok and visit with them on my way home from Malaysia. It isn’t a hop in the car fifteen-minute run, but because I was adding segments and days, it dropped the cost of my airplane ticket by 2000 dollars. As we wrapped up our technology project in KL, I filed the final report and headed to Bangkok.

We had been there as an entire family the year before; It was nice however to be back as just me. Plus hanging out with mom and dad was a blast! We got to wander to a few restaurants (one on the river that cuts through Bangkok). I also got to show off my grandfather’s long taught skill. My mother, and her dear friend Miss Hart and I went out for Lunch. My grandfather always taught me to have cash with you at all times if you wanted to pay.

The trick is simple, hand the server five dollars cash and say bring me the bill.

They did before my mom could pay!

My grandfather would have been so proud of me! It was a wonderful buffet lunch in one of the hotels down along the river. It was nice to hang out with mom, dad, and Miss Hart. As an adult with kids around there weren’t often for me to be just a kid myself!


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Written by DocAndersen

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