Walk to the center of Belgrade.Part one.

Robin Biznis July 2.2019 Belgrade. Serbia.

We continue our walk to the Slavija square.

On the square is a monument to Dimitri Tucovic. raised in his cast.

Who was Dimitrije Tucovic

Simply in one sentence: DimitrijeTucovic was a human being who was a pacifist, and he fought for Serbia and gave her life for her.

 And now something about him.

Dimitrije Tucovic was born May 13th Gostilje, Serbia, and died November 20,1914 on Kolubara battle.

He graduated from the Faculty of Law but mainly dealt with journalism, writing books and politics.

He left the greatest trace in the history of the Serbian people in politics.

He was one of the founders of the Social Democratic Party.

Tucović devoted his whole life to fighting for labor and human rights, gender equality, universal suffrage, social justice and civil liberties in the Kingdom of Serbia.

In his book “Serbia and Albania” Dimitrije Tucovic criticizes the Serbian conquest of politics against Albania. He points to the crimes committed against Albanians during the Balkan Wars.

The book publish  in 1914 year.

That year Dimitri pacifist goes to the Serbian army and fights for his homeland.

He died in one of the most famous fight that the Serbian Army won against Oscar Potiorek and his great army that attacked Serbia and caused the outbreak of World War I.

The monument itself on Slavia  built 70 years ago.

Two years ago, to interpret.  a new square began.

                                                   Circular flow for cars with music fountain

His relics  to a cemetery in Belgrade called the giant alley.

The monument moved to a new plateau that  next to the circular flow for cars and music fountains.


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