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Travel guide: Filerimos Monastery and Cross, Greece

At Filerimos, one of the Rhodes attractions, in ancient times, was the acropolis of the city of Ialysos- it was one of the three mighty Dorian cities of Rhodes. The main attractions of this area are the monastery and the Church of the Holy Virgin (15th century), the cell of St. George with frescoes of the 15th  century, the remains of the temples of Zeus and Athens (4th and 3rd century BC) and the fountain.

This mountain was named after the monk, who settled here in the 13th century. The monk came not alone, but with the icon of the Virgin, the work of the Apostle Luke. And with the help of God, he built a church here. The medieval knights developed the monastery for the guarding icon of the Virgin. However, after the Turkish occupation, the monastery did not work, only the Temple of the Virgin of Filerimos was opened.

Not far from the monastery, Catholic monks paved the path to Golgotha. It is equal to the distance Jesus crossed. The road goes along a cypress alley and is marked with stone buildings, which depict Christ’s passions. At the end of the alley, there is a cross, it was put instead of the ruined earlier. Inside the cross is the observation deck.


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