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Top 7 Things You Must Never Do In Italy

Top 7 Things You Must Never Do In Italy

Italy is a wonderful country, full of lots of places to see and lots of things to do. But just like with every country in the world, you will always want to know about the things you should do or not do so that you don’t end up offending the locales. In Italy, you will be guaranteed of having a very great experience, but only if you know how to conduct yourself the right way. Italy is a highly developed society, with very strong cultures and habits, and if you are not sure of what to do or you have any doubts, it is a good idea to ask instead of going ahead to embarrass yourself. If at all you went for expedited passport services so that you can go and explore the magical land of Italy, here are some of the top things you should always avoid if you want to get the most out of your visit in Italy-:

Not validating the ticket when boarding the regional train

In Italy, every ticket for regional trains without any assigned seat or specific times must be validated before boarding the train. You are always free to use the regional train tickets for a period of up to two months, and it is imperative to validate the ticket every time before you board. To do this validation, you need to look for a green and white validation machine within the train station and push the ticket into the slot till the stamp is applied. When you do that, the ticket will be good for use for up to six hours and you won’t have to face fines or any inconveniences faced by most tourists who get into the trains without validating their tickets.

Ordering a latte when you actually wanted a coffee

In Italian, latte means milk, and since coffee with milk is referred to as late in many places around the world, most people get surprised when they are brought a glass of milk, yet they were expecting a cup of coffee. This is especially true when you are away from the tourist centers. If you want to take coffee, head to a bar and make your order. Don’t be surprised that bars in Italy sell coffee and not just alcohol alone. If you desire to have a quick coffee, do as the Italians do and take the coffee while standing at the bar. It sounds weird for the Italians to sit down for a cup of coffee. And in any case, you will be charged for table service if you decide to sit at a table to enjoy your coffee. Learn easy Italian phrases in ordering food and beverages with the Intrepid Guide to make your experience in Italy worthwhile.

Driving on the ZTL

ZTL is Zona Traffic Limitations or simply traffic limited zones and you are not permitted to drive in such places unless you have a permit. Most of the cities and towns in Italy have the ZTLs, which may sometimes be referred to as pedestrian zones. In such places, there will be a camera positioned at the entrances and the camera takes the photo of the plate of every car getting in the zone. You may not be pulled over immediately, but you will have to ultimately pay for the violation, with some people saying they got fined after six months of committing the violation.

Standing in the ticket lines

During high seasons, it is common to find people standing for one hour or two hours so that they can get tickets to the popular attraction sites. In such places, you could save a lot of time by not opting to stay on the lines for the tickets but instead get them online more conveniently. Italians may even laugh at you when they see you waiting in the line for the tickets when you could easily obtain them online. Be aware of such little embarrassments you could run into during your trip to Italy.

Wearing shorts when visiting a church

The churches and cathedrals in Italy are some of the highly visited tourist attractions. They hold important history and important works of arts. When you make the decision to visit a couple of them, it is imperative to observe what you are wearing, and specifically, you should not visit them while wearing short. Don’t be surprised that of them have warning signs and posts advising visitors not to get inside the structures while wearing shorts. In some instances, you may find also requesting the visitors to not get in with bare shoulders. For ladies with sleeveless tops, be sure to carry scarfs for covering the bare shoulders. But be advised that there are many places, including the Vatican which will not allow admission if you are wearing shorts or sleeveless tops, even if you have a scarf.

Relying only on credit

Credit cards are loved by many because of their convenience and safety. But when you are coming to Italy, you may want to think twice if that is the only form of currency you want to carry. This is because in most of the tourist centers you will visit, most business will be run by small families and small entrepreneurs who will always demand cash payments. Besides, not all the credit card companies have outlets in Italy, especially if you are planning on venturing into the interior. Therefore, in as much as you want the convenience of the credit card, also have some good amount of cash with you. Just be sure to keep it safe.

Traveling with heavy suitcases

Packing is always a big challenge for most people and if you are planning a trip to Italy, it is imperative to think twice about what you will actually be packing. In most of the places in Italy, not all buildings will have lifts to make it easy for you to carry your heavy luggage to the upper floors. This is especially true with most of the historic buildings which have been modified as accommodation centers but are never allowed to install lifts. Therefore, be cautious with the size and the weight of your luggage. Otherwise, after going for expedited passport services and traveling to Italy, the experience may be ruined by you carrying heavy and unnecessary bags.


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