Chinguetti Friday Mosque, symbol of the city, built between the 13 and 14th centuries and restored in 1970. The minaret is the original built in the style of Malikite Islam.

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Top 10 most popular sights to see in Mauritania

Mauritania, which is seated in northwest Africa, is a unique country with a lively, lush, Arabic culture, worth visiting due to the architectural monuments of the world heritage list, breathtaking architectural monuments. Trips to Mauritania are an excellent opportunity to get into the Arabic-African Cultural Cradle, which does not lack interesting contrasts.

Not all roads in this country are paved, so be ready for everything. Tourists are advised to carefully choose trips by taxi cars, boats of locals, do not save and better stay away from offering very cheap transportation. The safest are trains.

Mauritania – a country of sand and wind called the bridge between North and West Africa. A part of the country’s territory is occupied by deserts, it is dry and hot here, very few precipitation is falling. On the Atlantic coast, the climate is damp and warm, but here the rain is also a rare thing. Chinguetti, along with other ancient Mauritanian cities Ouadane, Tichitt, and Oualata, is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.


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