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Top 10 most famous places to visit in Qatar

There are rumors that in this country every true native citizen is born rich, and robots are riding the camels. In the wilderness, like a mirage, are striking mirrored skyscraper towers, artificial, yet thoroughly nurtured tropical parks, the finest cars of the world are driving in the streets and blinking fountains are far ahead of the smartest fairy-tale cities. In the 20th century, this city of fairy tales was created by Qatar, so the trip to Qatar will get you into dream country of the Arabic fairy tale.

The most spectacular city of Qatar – the capital city of Doha, located on the Gulf, is like a fabulous city of glass skyscrapers, full of modern business and shopping centers. Doha by luxury and prices is ahead of even the pompous Dubai. Announced independence only in the 20th century,  Qatar cannot boast of historical monuments, but the symbol of this city – the innovative skyscrapers that contrast with the wilderness of the desert, are strikingly breathtaking.

And when you walk around the city streets, you will be most surprised not by the exclusive luxury of cars, but unusual pets – leopards – looking through car windows.


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