Things You Should Know Before Visiting Calgary, Canada

Are you thinking about visiting Canada? Is that place in Calgary? Then there are several things you should know before visiting there. Here I will discuss what to do in Calgary Canada.

Visit the Calgary Tower

The first and foremost thing to do is to visit The Calgary Tower. Calgary is no different from the other cities, which has an impressive means to get a birds view. This tower is approximately somewhat 1228 meters to 1230 meters high, enabling tourists to have a bird’s view of the entire area. To be more specific, this tower enables the tourists, who lift himself above it, to have a 360˚ view of the entire region. At one time, only 250 people can ride and get on top of it. It is a 62 second trip, from the bottom, which takes you to the next part of the ride. Here you all can enjoy a soothing a mesmerizing view simply without any interruption. Here your lungs may stop breathing. Your heart may become still for some time all due to the intense height. After experiencing such a feeling, the people are now to move to the next point (or deck as it is sometimes called) and have a small session of refreshment with the other men. The entire adventure is amazing.

The Calgary Zoo

After visiting the Calgary tower, now the turn is for the Calgary Zoo. Visiting Canada, and not visiting the highly ranked zoos on that land, is not something desirable. To all these, the Calgary Zoo has also added glory and contributed to the breeding and diversity of the animals there. In addition to that, the zoo has also contributed to many educational and research programs. Visiting there, you will be able to see animals of several different kinds and species. Along with that, there are several botanical gardens and the Centre for Conservation and Research.

The Calgary Stampede

Now, you should visit the Calgary Stampede, which is known as “The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth”. Here, every year, more than a million people join this party. It doesn’t matter whether the audiences are for the same purpose or not, they all make the environment vibrant and enjoyable. Some may be there just to see what is going on, and the others are for enjoying the show and praise the performers.

Studio Bell, a home of the National Music Center

Last but not the least is the Studio Bell. It is considered to be the home of the National Music Center. Here all kinds of cultures and heritages regarding the music are portrayed and showcased in an artistic way. There are also three recording studios for an artist residency program and a performance hall with an enormous capacity to hold a big bunch of audiences.

Throughout this article, I have tried to list out the most exciting places a tourist must visit and what they should know before making the visit. Using this reference, any traveler can happily enjoy their trip to Calgary, Canada.


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  1. I love Calgary. We grew up heading to Stampede every year. When the panda’s came the grandchildren needed to go, right now. (One of these days when we drive hundreds and hundreds of miles I am going to take my clicker and count the number of times they say “when are we going to be there”. ☀️

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