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“Pumadcha” Ngibat in the Highest Mountain

In February 2013, the excitement that lingered into my senses. It was like having the first surprise in my existence to this world, the statement was a profound adventure that comes once in a lifetime. This special day brings me to a time travel were all my adventure started inTinglayan, Kalinga. The adventure visible in the community brought the people in unity, a perfect description for the word “pumadcha”. “Pumadcha” was defined“to shine” and “Tinglayanos” used to utter, “Pumadcha Tinglayan”.

Traveling along the national hi-way from Bontoc to Poblacion of Tinglayan, it takes three hours by bus or jeepney. But then, itis inevitable that the journey will hold your breath in taking the jeepney as a mode of transportation, especially riding on top of this vehicle. The mere fact, it is more commonly available in the afternoon going to Tinglayan. A moment of having a great adventure, viewing the mountain trails and having a quick stop over at the side of the road for sipping fresh water from the mountain. I must admit, it is not always seen in urban areas of the Philippines.

As soon as I arrived at my final destination, the foot pathway going to the highest peak of the mountain will be able to glimpse the tribe in Barangay “Ngibat”. It is really the unforgettable experience to see the farmland on the side of the mountain and the most precious rice planted in it. For a tourist like me from the city, I will definitely appreciate the beauty of nature and continued to bring back the memories. One day, I will be setting a plan to go to this place in the future. The strong wind brushes to my face and the laughter with colleagues are the perfect pictures to ponder while walking along the pathway.


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Written by Steven Gamboa

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