Be Prepared for a Hiking Outing

Saturday, November 25, 2017

It is 11 am on a Saturday night, and I suddenly get inspiration for a blog article while sitting on the toilet and browsing through the May issue of AAA’s Westways travel magazine. The first page I opened was about hiking gear, OC adventure, and hiking or street hiking in style. I have been doing a lot of local hiking, mostly sidewalk and street hiking, but a couple of steep and rocky hills, and I mostly dress comfortable, often adapting with the seasons.

  1. Rival Socks are light socks with cushions at the sole areas of the socks.
  2. Moxie Jogger is jogging pants that are made for hiking trails
  3. Calder Hooded Sun Shirt is a long-sleeve hoodie blouse that has UV protection 50+ as well as it feels light and airy
  4. Grayl Purifier Bottle is a water purifier that filters bacteria and germs from anywhere, include streams
  5. Go-Be II backpack is heat-sealed in order to keep your contents dry, even when the backpack gets wet and messy
  6. Hiking boots to handle rough terrain. But I just use either my sneakers or fashion hiking boots because I mostly do street hiking and sidewalk hiking
  7. Hat is important whether a cap, visor, or knit beanie, depending on the weather and temperature
  8. Sunglasses
  9. Sunscreen
  10. Healthy snacks such as mixed nuts, health bar, and/or fruit and veggies.
  11. Water bottle filled with ice and water, ice and juice, unless you prefer a hot beverage such as coffee or tea
  12. If you are a female, then you would want to put most of the contents in your purse into your backpack, which might include wallet, first aid kit, iPhone, lipstick, lip balm, pen and pad, business cards, and moisturizer
  13. Scarf, whether a knit or wool scarf for cold weather or a light scarf for warm weather
  14. It is best to wear a layered outfit, just in case the weather changes from chilly mornings to warm and sunny afternoons and cold evening air. An example might be a tank top or t-shirt, flannel shirt, and jacket or hoodie sweatshirt. Most people wear leggings, jeans, and cargo pants, and even shorts. Some people might even wear yoga outfits and gym clothes as well as gloves, mittens, legwarmers, and fingerless arm mittens
  15. You can organize your snacks in a bento box and carry your water bottle in a water bottle carrier with crossbody strap
  16. Some people wear certain electronic gadgets that keep track of their steps, miles walked, and calories burned. Such gadgets might look like a watch or an ankle bracelet
  17. Some people take their camera along to take interesting nature photographs and group pictures
  18. Some trails might allow dogs, and it is recommended that the dog wear a good harness and leash for its own protection. The dog might also need their own gear, such as sweater if it is cold, water bowl, and doggy treats.
  19. Many kids go on these hikes, as well
  20. You might want to bring along some cash, just in case the group decides to stop at a public place and you might need to buy something.


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