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Paradise Beach in Thailand

Paradise Beach is another beach we visited during our holidays in Thailand. We visited it only one day, we did not return here, because we wanted a quieter and more peaceful place. In Paradise Beach, chic is suitable for young people, for parties. It’s a fun, interesting beach. It’s fun, interesting. But there are certain disadvantages I want to share.

I want to say right away that the entrance to this is paid. Get ready that you will need to give 200 Baht for one person only for the entrance to the beach. Since it is private. But if you regret the money spent, then in advance it is better not to go to this beach. Because here you have to spend money. Although I read reviews, many wrote that sometimes the entrance to the beach is free, but we have to pay 200 baht per person. We decided to just enjoy one day’s rest. And there is nothing to regret because this is a beautiful paradise.

Also, at the entrance to the beach, bags were checked. Since it is not allowed to bring food and drinks with you. And we took a few bottles of water, but they had to leave and only then we were allowed to go to the beach. Therefore, you do not need to take food and drinks with you.

Now I will tell you about the sunbeds. They are also paid. The simplest ones cost 100 baht, a little better than 300 baht and there are still very cool sofa beds, they cost 500 baht. All these prices can be seen immediately on a large poster.

If you want to take an ordinary sunbed, you need to arrive early. Since by dinner time almost all the beds were already occupied. I really liked the sofa bed. It seems to me that it was insanely comfortable. True, four adults would not be very comfortable. But with the children, it’s generally gorgeous. All sunbeds are of good quality. I have not seen it broken or very dirty. Therefore, lying and resting was very convenient for me. Many people did not take any sunbed at all. They simply settled on their towels or various rugs.

You can eat here in a restaurant right on the beach. Or buy a drink in the bar, also in the same restaurant. All the food here is incredibly tasty.  Seafood, and fruit, and various gourmet soups. As well as pizza and the like. You will definitely not stay hungry here. So many different goodies that you can eat there. Drinks are also varied. The most delicious were coconuts, which were very beautifully decorated. The name of the beach was embossed on them. I don’t even remember how many pieces we drank. They are insanely refreshing and look very beautiful.

But the quality and taste of food, and drinks, is consistent with the price. The prices here are quite high. Even ordinary water prices are noticeably high. Therefore, I will repeat once again that if you are not ready to spend money, it is better to choose another beach. 

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