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Collection of photos from Oakland California.

A View of Early Evening

An abstract view of trees against an evening sky. I like how perspective changes and the image becomes something out of the imagination, how the mundane can be seen differently. Isn't that the intention of the artist, photographer, writer, to capture an image that we all see but show it in a different light. The light of early evening makes the mundane beautiful.

I Miss Oakland

I miss Oakland, California, from it's early morning light to late afternoon sun through the silhouettes of trees. I miss a  walk through artist studios, white wine and a calmI could feel. A peaceful moment on a sidewalk, the rich colors of flowers and herbs bursting from pots and out of windows, the smell of jasmine, heather and rosemary, I miss Oakland. 

I miss the mornings, cool and hazy as the Pacific whispers through the windows. Pressed coffee and a morning meal, watching time in it's simplest form, no where I would rather be. The tip tap of the keys, your glasses in the morning, my silence, the remnants of the wine the night before, roasting peppers and cutting oranges and strawberries.

I miss shopping for groceries, tasting amazing meals, tuna medallions, cauliflower rice and spaghetti squash. I miss the peaceful evenings and the sounds of the wind through windows, I miss Oakland but most of all, I miss that moment where nothing is pressing, where you poured the wine and I wrote the words that came so easily.

A moment in Oakland California-a precious moment I miss dearly.

A Walk in Oakland

Flowers climb high and herbs burst out of the seems of a city with obvious signs of wear. The green mornings, the breezes from the pacific, I love to walk along the ocean, to feel so small. 

On horizons blue and clear, the gulls rise and fall like the tide. You and Dante, the long walk across town, food, wine and coffee-wonderful coffee. Wine begins early and flows peacefully through the evening and we laugh, we laugh like we can't stop.

We learn about words, explore ideas surrounded by that special place that I can barely describe. A walk along the sea, you Dante at my side.


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Written by stevelinebaugh

Oil painter and pastel artist, writer, photographer, graphic designer,
originally from New Jersey


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